We believe that God has called his people, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to be his witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. (Acts 1:8) 

We also believe in the great commission to be God’s sent out people as we live in our “Jerusalem” and as we reach our “Judea”, “Samaria” and “ends of the earth” in the corner of the world where God has placed us. 

For the Kaufman Church of Christ Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and ends of the earth are: 

  • Jerusalem (Kaufman/Kaufman County)
  • Judea & Samaria (State, Regional & National ministries)
  • Ends of the Earth (International ministries)

Specifically, this means that we are choosing to focus on these areas and ask that all of members give of their time and resources as we do so. We have some ongoing commitments in each area and are always praying about and pursuing new opportunities to engage these places with the love of Jesus Christ. We believe that no one person can accomplish advancing the gospel alone. That’s why “we do missions together” and that’s why it’s called “the great co-mission.

OUR JERUSALEM (Kaufman & Kaufman County)

  • THE CENTER, Kaufman Texas


    To produce a self-sufficient community that affirms the value of each individual, builds healthy relationships with others, and creates meaningful connections that develop our God given abilities and talents.

    We develop personal and professional connections to help us utilize the resources available in our community to improve quality of life.  Christ-Centered, Grace, Compassion, Dignity, Service, Humility, Relationships, Accountability, Integrity.

    Visit https://thecenterkaufman.org/ for details.

  • HOPE CENTER, Kaufman Texas

    Contacts: Jane Lucas and Shelby Diviney

    The Hope Center was established out of a need to assist the homeless and poverty stricken in Kaufman County. We provide transitional apartment housing for families in need of short-term accommodations. Our goal is to assist these families in long-term success in occupational and spiritual growth.

  • SERVE DAY, Kaufman Texas

    Serve Day is a joint effort between local churches in Kaufman to serve our community in a meaningful and impactful way through acts of service at schools, parks, public facilities, non-profit organizations and more.

  • STILL WATERS, Kaufman Texas

    Contact Person: Sandra Sams

    Still Waters is a multi-faceted Pregnancy Resource Center that serves Kaufman County not only during times of crisis, but also in areas of prevention in hopes of preventing a future crisis.

    Founded in 2005, Still Waters is a 501(c)3, faith-based Pregnancy Resource Center serving youth, adults and the community in the areas of Abstinence/Character Development Education, Crisis Pregnancy Intervention & Abortion/Sexual Abuse Recovery in order to promote family and personal integrity.

    Still Waters is a place of hope. Our clients are empowered with information to help them make an informed decision about an unplanned pregnancy. We offer FREE services and referrals, healing from past hurts, sexual integrity and parenting education.

    The following services are FREE & Confidential:

    ❖ Pregnancy Test

    ❖ Limited Ultrasound Voucher

    ❖ STD Testing Voucher

    ❖ Options Education

    ❖ Agency Referrals

    ❖ Material Assistance

    ❖ Parenting Classes

    ❖ Teen/Young Mom Support/Program

    ❖ Teen/Young Dad Support/Program

    ❖ Abortion Recovery

    ❖ Sexual Abuse Recovery

OUR JUDEA (Regional/Texas)

  • CITY SQUARE, Dallas Texas

    The Mission of City Square is to fight the causes and effects of poverty through service, advocacy and friendship. Working together as a community, we feed the hungry, heal the sick, house the homeless, and renew hope in the heart of our city. Our core values are Community, Faith, Justice, and Stewardship.

    COMMUNITY. We are a community of neighbors, investing in each other and developing meaningful relationships which value each individual.

    FAITH. Our work flows out of our faith, and that faith is inclusive and ecumenical.

    JUSTICE. We stand for justice and demand equity for all our neighbors.

    STEWARDSHIP. Our resources belong to the community and as stewards of those resources we will act with integrity, demonstrate accountability and operate efficiently and effectively.

OUR SAMARIA (National)

  • WHETSTONE BOYS RANCH, Mountain View Missouri

    Contact Person: Kevin Slack

    Our Mission is to “sharpen the character of young men by modeling the life of Christ, mentoring them through authentic relationships, imparting the love of creation and teaching the joy of work, thus equipping them to be servant-leaders in their families and communities.”

    Whetstone Boys Ranch is a Therapeutic Boarding School that serves struggling boys and their families with intensive family therapy, academic support and outdoor programming. We believe in building up young men to become true servant-leaders in their families and communities.

    Since 2011, Whetstone has been dedicated to the reconciliation of boys (ages 11-15) and their families. Struggles such as addiction, anger, depression, low self-esteem and trauma are treated with a loving and systems-based approach. We take pride in how our program is set apart with its comprehensive approach to treatment and restoration.

    During their year-long stay, residents will experience a loving home-like environment, rewarding studies, invigorating ranch work, and true character-building adventure. You are invited to partner with us in guiding young men back to the path that God has laid out for them.

    We are so excited about the ways God is working at Whetstone Boys Ranch and would love to share more about our vision and mission!

THE ENDS OF THE EARTH (International)


    Contact Person: Jaime and Narce Flores

    Arturo Castaneda pastors a fellow congregation in which Kaufman Church of Christ assists both financially and with projects and campaigns for the purpose of reaching the people of Durango, Mexico for Christ.


    Contact Person: Suzanne Brown

    The Mercy Project mission is to rescue children from slavery. We partner with families and communities trapped in the cycle of poverty, empowering them with sustainable economic solutions in order to free children from forced labor.

    We are an innovative nonprofit working to eradicate child slavery in Ghana, Africa. We believe in Empowerment, Hope, Education, Reunification, and Sustainability. Our process is holistic, attacking the root causes of child trafficking in Ghana. This is a complex problem that demands equally complex solutions.

    Every good story begins with people. Our people are little boys and girls working on Lake Volta, moms and dads too poor and tired to imagine a different way, and rural fishermen - many whom were trafficked children themselves - who lack the education and training to break the cycle of poverty. We’re bringing new life to each of their stories.

    We believe in the collective power of people using their gifts to bring good to the world. Since our inception, we’ve marveled at what happens when a bunch of ordinary people commit to doing something beautiful together. Let’s use our gifts to help bring more freedom in Ghana.

  • AFRICA CROSSROADS, Botswana Africa

    Contact Person: Mark Pratt

    Missionaries Keith and Robin Honey are no strangers to Africa. They first started living and ministering in Africa in 1978. They currently work in Kasane/Kazungula, Botswana, in a multi-faceted ministry: Marriage and family counseling and mentoring; Training young evangelists; Working with the believers of Disciples of Jesus Fellowship (Sunday school, Ladies Bible Class, Wednesday Bible Class, Preaching); Ministering to long-haul truckers; and leading teacher workshops and tutoring of special needs children at Noka ya Botshelo Primary School.

    For the past two years, they have also served as mentors for missions-minded interns from Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas.

    Keith is also on the school board of Noka ya Botshelo, is the current chairman of The Ministers Fraternal, a group of ministers that meet for prayer and study, and a liaison in the Chobe District for the American Embassy.

  • East-West Ministries

    Contact person: Kim Johnson

    The vision of East-West is to glorify God by multiplying followers of Jesus in the spirituality darkest areas of the world. 

    The mission of East-West is to mobilize the body of Christ to evangelize the lost and to equip local believers to multiply disciples and churches among the unreached. 

    As a member of the Digital Strategies team, Darien Clarkworks to provide spiritual seekers in countries with intense religious persecution can go online, learn about Jesus, and get connected with a local believer.

    The Digital Strategies team can start more spiritual conversations online so that those seeking to know God have the chance to do so offline under the discipleship of a local church. 


    Contact Person: Robin Yeldell

    Missionaries Stephen and Joscelyn Hill along with their six children, reside in Tanzania, Africa. Stephen, along with a group of translators, are pouring countless hours into translating the Bible into the Makonde, Mwera, and Zaramo languages to distribute Bibles to the people of that region. They are also working on a Jesus film to be shared with the Makonde people to lead the unreached to Christ.  Pioneer Bible Translators


    Contact Person: Pat Shaw

    Little Dresses sews and provides dresses for the underprivileged and impoverished little girls in Africa in the areas in which we currently have missionary teams.

  • LIGHT OF JESUS CHURCH, Almaty Kazakhstan

    Contact Person: Johnny and Polly Adams

    Alexander (nicknamed Sasha) Metso moved with his family to Almaty, Kazakhstan in 2002, recruited by Randy Green, who had taught and baptized Sasha several years earlier in Siberia. Sasha and his wife, Zhenya, who now have four children, have been in Almaty for almost 18 years. When Randy Green and his family returned to the U.S. in 2005, as Randy made arrangements for the continuing leadership of the young church in Almaty, he recommended that Kaufman Church of Christ begin supporting Sasha and his family. This support by KCOC has continued steadily. Sasha, and his wife Zhenya and Misha Shakurov and his wife Oxana, continue to this day, sharing the responsibility for leadership of the church.

    The church in Almaty is doing well. They have remained stable and united, continuing to grow numerically as well as spiritually, in spite of the difficulties of existing in a mostly Muslim country and society. Sasha is driven to find persons who are willing to allow him to study the Bible with them, teaching them about Jesus, and leading them to develop faith and to become Christians. He and Misha have helped six men to grow to the point that they share preaching responsibilities for that church, as well as helping many other men and women to grow into teachers and servants of the church.

    Sasha and Zhenya had teens who were discharged from orphanages at the age of 16 (with no place to go) living in their home for years—and this facility became known as the Light House. As the country provided better transition care for those teens, the Metso’s began caring for younger children in their home. Now there are families in the congregation who have the younger children in their homes, with oversight and support from Sasha.

    In almost two decades of service in Almaty, Kazakhstan, Sasha has remained faithful, committed to teaching and bringing people to Christ, developing a discipleship process in the church, involving more people into growth groups, encouraging and discipling new leaders.

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