Shepherds Of Our Flock

A good shepherd gives the sheep a sense of belonging and knows his sheep.

"I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known of mine"

 (John 10:14).

Our elders serve as shepherds in their care for the members of Kaufman Church of Christ.

Shepherds are affirmed by the church and accept the responsibility of overseeing the direction of the church in pursuit of its mission and vision.

They, with their wives, diligently pray for the church – for the aspirations and hurts and needs of people who join in this community of faith. Shepherds encourage people to pursue faithfulness. They provide nurture and care, dedicating their time to caring for individuals and families in the KCOC family.

The shepherds can be contacted by emailing them at

  • Mike Holder

    & wife,  Shana

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  • Joe Darragh

    & wife, Cindy

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  • Johnny Adams

    & wife, Polly

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  • Terry Thomas

    & wife, Arnelle

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  • Kent Wilson

    & wife, Joy

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  • Kip Marcellus & Wife, Angela

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  • Larry Conner & Wife, Doranda

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