Sunday Morning Children’s Worship (Services start at 9:30 AM)

Children 2 years thru 3rd grade are dismissed to their worship

just after the children’s offering.  All money collected goes to Mercy Project, 

rescuing children from slavery.  Classes are based on grade completed.

Sunday Morning Classes

Begin 10 minutes after the conclusion of Worship and end at 11:30 AM

2's through 3rd grade students, that are in Children's Worship, will be transitioned to their class by their Children's Worship Leaders. Once parents check them in to Children's Worship you don't have to pick them until after class time - You WILL NEED to sign them out of class so please pick them up from their classroom at the end of class time.

2’s & 3’s – downstairs in room 106

4’s & Kinder – downstairs in room 104

1st, 2nd & 3rd grade- upstairs in room 306

4th & 5th grade – upstairs in room 304

Wednesday Night Classes - June 7th - August 5th

6:30-8:00 PM

2 years thru 5th Grade - behind the playground for "outdoor fun"

Children's Minister: Diana Freeman



We hope your student can join us on this great adventure July 27-30, 2023.  Click HERE to complete your registration before the deadline of July 9th!

Click Camp Ten:10 Tour to learn more about the place where we will stay and the things that we will do.

Kids Helping Kids

Kids Helping Kids began with a dream of a small group of third and fourth graders who decided to save money to buy a camel for a poor family in India. After the parents and church got involved, we raised enough money to buy three camels and two chickens! We learned a lot about camels and a lot about poverty in India along the way.  

Kids Helping Kids is all about making the world a better place and showing kids that they can make a difference right now at whatever age they are. They are practicing empathy and compassion as they learn about children who are less fortunate in many physical ways, whether across the world or right here in Kaufman.   

Micah 6:8 says it all: And what does the LORD require of you? Act justly, and love mercy, and walk humbly with your God. 

Kids Don't Let Kids Be Slaves

Our weekly children's contribution goes to Mercy Project to support and rescue children in slavery in Ghana. We have supported six children with rehabilitation, education, and counseling: Vincent, Tabitha, James, Prince, Abraham and Abigail. 

In the past, during Summer Blast, our kids partnered with Mercy Project to build a fish hatchery on Lake Volta. We raised over $6000 for this life-changing project.

Kids Helping Kids are now raising money to rescue an entire village.

Kids Don't Let Kids Be Thirsty

Poor villages in India have few ways to get clean water to drink. Drinking polluted water is the number one cause of death in young children in that country.  We were able to pay for three new Jesus wells in India.

Kids Don't Let Kids Be Hungry

A previous project during Summer Blast, went to feed children in Malawi, Africa. The Abundant Life Center there feeds around 4,000 children a day. It costs $3 to feed 1 child for a month with a nutritious, life-sustaining meal. We raised $1015 over the summer.

Kid's Don't Let Kids Be Homeless

During Summer Blast 2019, kids ages 2-6th grade painted a huge mural on the Hope Center and Bus Barn.

The Hope Center provides temporary housing for single women and their children.