Online Date Night

Use this Date Night Link which includes the following things:

-Dinner and Dessert Recipes for Two

-Conversation Starters

-Ideas For Your Kids

-40 minute Comedy Special

For The Meal:

The recipe is a suggested idea for an entree and a dessert.

You can use this recipe, or find another one that seems fun or that you’ve been wanting to try.

The goal is to create time together doing something unique so feel free to be creative and have fun!

For Those With Kids:

We realize that the ideas listed in the link are probably things you already know.

So…here are some ideas beyond what are offered in the date night kit:

-Use time when the kids are asleep.

-If the best way to have a date is to get up early and have a breakfast date - do that.

-If the best way to have a date is to drink caffeine so that you’ll be awake later - do that.

-Be flexible. If someone wakes up unexpectedly or gets sick, don’t give up. Try again another night.

-Be creative. Feed the kids something simple and put them to bed.

If you have some go-to routines that work use those instead of these ideas. :)

Thanks again for wanting to be a part of this!

We are praying for the time used to invest in your marriage and the conversations and laughter that you will share.

Work hard to create the space and time!

Your marriage will be better for it!


Feel free to share this link with others.  Our only goal is for couples to create time together, form deeper bonds in their marriages so that they can grow closer to God and one another!